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Dear Entrepreneur,

My name is Veselin Andreev and I am addressing you on behalf of Svilaves, a website design and website promotion company. The comprehensive services I offer you on this website directly affect the development, the improvement and the enlargement of your business on the Internet.

House as well and I want to talk about I thinkthat we equilibrium is seventy percentowner ox thirty percent investors so thevast majority owned for practical andemotional reasons and I think that West Coast Valuers can actually be a trap because I think thatbecause people are investing in the verything that it's a basic of life yep shutup they therefore think investing iseasy and straightforward cuz i live in ahouse i bought a house i settled on ahouse therefore i know exactly what todo with investing and I'm you know wetalked a bit about property investingbeing a process not an event and I worryabout a lot of investors who still seeit as an event where they just thinkthat once I've overcome the conditioningaroundI'm not getting into any debt that weget from generations before and once weget overcome the conditioning that notmany one in working Australians by percent of them stop at one oncethey get over that if you've spent a lotof emotional energy at that point andthen the assets election and the processof investing gets marginalized and I seethat as a huge mistake yeah look andthen.

Through these services you will get the following benefits:

  • Recognition of your company name - by the professional and distinctive look of your website compared to your competitors, which will result in your attracting more customers. I think that doing it asa two-step process a process Adelaide and Country Property valuers by findingthe lien finding the actual builder tobuild the property you can create equityin there from day one and create theopportunity but the numbers have tostack up and it's got to be black andwhite and so effectively I mean you'rereally pretty much going wholesalerather than going down to the localstore and just buying it on a shopfrontin there in.
  • Popularity of your companys products and services - as a result of your effective business advertising, which will leave many of your competitors behind.
  • Property ten years out of those windows any more whereas if Valuations VIC we had done a you know a preventivepaint job around the windows that wouldhave made it waterproof a little bitbetter for that period of time so wecould have made our asset last longerbecause again this is about return oninvestments not about a pretty propertybut if you don't keep your property in agood order and they can come back andbite you in the buff very true very truethe other one is some you know you'reeffectively a vacancy yeah so good oneyou you that's a risk but it's um it's amitigating risk as well you can me toget it quite comfortably by a couplethings one realizing that this cyclesbeen so we just come through a winterand some properties that even here inMelbourne that would normally it veryvery quickly you have taken a little bitlonger over this winter than seasonallyso having awareness around when you haveyour lease is expiring because januaryfor every March oh they just walk outthe door yeah July August September mypeople watching the footy in there infront of the foreign that I want to moveSoho settle but particularly in thesouthern states and so those are thethings that we need to be aware of butalso back at the the due diligence stagewe must go ahead one hour better if Iwent out all right that'll we'rechecking vacancy as part of our entryyeah indicators before we buy just havean awareness around that but if you'rebuying in an area that's is in demandand you're conscious of cycles and youprice.
All our services have been proven to be effective because, before applying them to your project, we are constantly TESTING them on our own site to determine the degree to which they could subsequently help you and the results you could achieve.

Website design and website promotion powerful enough to achieve two of the three conditions, fulfilment of which is obligatory for the success of your business on the Internet.

1. Website that SELLS - i.e. that performs the work it is designed for (here I dont mean to facilitate e-commerce).

Against the asset we'relooking at an overall loaned evaluationratio it's about % twenty-twotwenty-three percent pretty healthy ameans that a lot of people actually owntheir mortgages outright and those aredue on their mortgage they're they'repretty well positioned in terms of thevalue over their assets to the debt theyhold against it what a lot of peoplerefer to when they talk aboutAustralians being leveraged orover-leveraged or affordabilityscenarios that are coming evident inAustralia they're talking generallyabout the household income to debt ratiookay just about one hundred eighty-fourpercent that is pretty high okay a verylarge component of that of that level ofdebt is housing debt as well keeping inmind the value of that that asset issubstantially higher than the asset somedebt being held against it which is partof the balancing act that were playingout here okay i mentioned fifty twopercent of household wealth is inhousing you've also got superannuationair percent of household wealth rightthere's going to be some component ofhousing in that blue component of thepie graph here as well so absolutelyvery important large asset class whenyou look at that that senseto find out more please visit ourwebsite multi focused calm.

2. Traffic from target audience.

The fall waslargely attributable to a sharp declinein unit values which House valuations are down by threepoint four percent over the monthongoing concerns around oversupply ofunits is likely having an effect on bioconfidence and dampening the potentialfor capital gains within the inner cityhigh rise apartment market the past months has seen melbourne house valuesrise by point two percent while unitvalues are up by less than one third ofthat at three point nine percent theBrisbane housing market continued itssteady trend of modest growth withdwelling values rising by . percentover the month to be four point threepercent higher over the past year thegap between house values and unit valueshas grown wider over the year with thevalue of Brisbane house up four pointthree percent over the past monthswhile unit bilities were down by almostone percent while the capital gain.

(The third condition refers to the demand for your products or services - a condition, the fulfilling of which we cant help you with, because it doesnt depend on us.)

I am talking about effective website design and website promotion, which will turn your website into a web presence. And web presence is all about becoming a trusted resource that people will visit over and over again.

See below the kind of website you will have at your disposal, using our website design services:

  • Impressive, unique and innovative website, designed especially for you and your business, without using any standardized templates whatsoever.
  • Style, carefully chosen to reinforce your image - something that is necessary for gaining your clients' confidence and particularly important for online transactions.
  • Website format, presented to readers in an attractive and friendly way, thus making navigation very easy.
  • Professional look and sense, thus inducing visitors to stay longer on your site.
  • Excellent website design and plan, fast to load and easy to use, offering your visitors exactly what they expect to see on your pages.
  • Professionally processed text content - a text, created with the main objective: to SELL.
  • Fast, effective and quality website, specially prepared to meet your visitors needs and expectations, because a great proportion of them will soon become your customers.
  • Appropriate and inviting colors.
  • Quality text positioning on the pages.
  • Clear and unique images.
  • Validated program language - incorrectly written code will lead users to exit your site immediately, due to its poor appearance on their screens.

Look also at what business advertising will be implemented by your site using our website promotion services:

  • Reaching your target market.
  • Generating serious traffic coming from the target audience - of the order of hundreds a day to start with. And the more potential customers you attract to your site, the greater success youll have.
  • Attracting new clients offline, coming through your website.
  • Increasing your sales as a result of more and more hits.
  • Nonstop traffic solutions - dont ever think that all you have to do is to submit your site to the search engines and the number of visitors will immediately start to increase. Internet marketing is a dynamic, ongoing process that requires continuous attention.
  • Great opportunity for ranking your site at the top of the search engines for the selected key words.
  • New ideas about how to improve your online business and so increase your revenue.

No matter whether you use the Internet to sell products or services online, to serve you as means for attracting new clients offline, or to increase the number of your business contacts, your business success on the Internet depends a great deal on the way it is carried out.

Even if you are the best in your field compared to your competitors, if you dont use the right approach, theres no way to turn your ideas into a fully functional, profit-generating website.

And a lot of your business partners are investing in website creation, because they see that their other colleagues are doing the same. And they approach that process without the necessary seriousness, assigning the project to people who are not suited to the task. And their presence on the Internet turns out to be a complete waste of time and money because it just doesnt bring them what they expect - profits.

In addition, I want to stress the following things, which are very important for you; some specific details the value of which, I am sure, you appreciate quite well.

It is about the stages of your project development and its maintenance afterwards. Things that will contribute to build up solid relations between us for a long period of time - something that is vital for being successful on the Internet.

And what you can count on us for during our teamwork is:

  • Full consultation and useful recommendations while developing your project.
  • Professional tips, help and guidance after everything is completed.
  • Honesty and accuracy about what can and what can't be achieved.
  • Clear explanations, in simple English, of what we are doing.
  • Individual technical maintenance and service after your project has been developed.
  • Fast, flexible and detailed answers to all your questions, worries and claims with round-the-clock service.
  • Always and immediately available for updates and modifications - your website is very important for your business and it shouldnt be created and maintained by someone who won't be available at any moment, without exceptions, to troubleshoot problems, and conduct updates and changes.
  • Nonstop assistance in your site renovation and promotion.
  • Nonstop overseeing and communication with you about your project.
  • We will keep you informed about every step during the project development, thereby helping you to understand the whole process related to your site marketing.
  • Perfect marketing and technical assessment.
  • Last of all, but not the least important - our desire to work with you for the fulfilment of your objectives.

"The Course Of YOUR Success On The Internet Starts Here - By Conducting A Comprehensive Interview"

What I want you to do NOW is to claim an interview. It consists of thorough questions, the answers to which will help us to learn in detail about your business, needs and objectives and to gather the information we need for making up our business proposal.

We proceed that way, because without understanding the concept of your business there is no way to create a website that supports that concept. And the interview is the first thing we do. Only then we will start work on all the other stages of the development process.

The interview is FREE and is carried out by filling in the form below. After filling in the form youll receive an e-mail, containing the interview with all the questions and the necessary instructions about how to proceed with it. Only after the interview has been conducted will we be able to make up and send you a detailed business proposal regarding your project.

Don't wait another moment... Success always and everywhere starts with just one word - determination... Claim your interview RIGHT NOW, by filling in the form below!


I wish luck to you and your business!

Sincerely yours - Veselin Andreev

(Veselin Andreev)

P.S. Choosing the proper web designers is vital to your success on the web. The web designers you choose should also be skilled at marketing, so that they can design your site with potential sales in mind.

For conducting the interview, please fill in the following form and click on "Please send me the interview!" button.


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