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Information about Svilaves

Svilaves is a company that consists of designers, programmers and marketing specialists. It was founded in early 2003 in Bulgaria (Europe), with five employees.

About the founders of Svilaves

Veselin Andreev
Veselin Andreev Svilen Andreev

Svilaves main purpose is to contribute, by the high quality and effectiveness of its services, to the successful development on the Internet of its customers, who run small and medium-sized businesses all over the world.

The large range of services that Svilaves offers are grouped into two basic categories:

In addition, we want to stress the following things, which are very important for you; some specific details the value of which, we are sure, you appreciate quite well.

It is about the stages of your project development and its maintenance afterwards. Things that will contribute to build up solid relations between us for a long period of time - something that is vital for being successful on the Internet.

And what you can count on us for during our teamwork is:

  • Full consultation and useful recommendations while developing your project.
  • Professional tips, help and guidance after everything is completed.
  • Honesty and accuracy about what can and what can't be achieved.
  • Clear explanations, in simple English, of what we are doing.
  • Individual technical maintenance and service after your project has been developed.
  • Fast, flexible and detailed answers to all your questions, worries and claims with round-the-clock service.
  • Always and immediately available for updates and modifications - your website is very important for your business and it shouldnt be created and maintained by someone who won't be available at any moment, without exceptions, to troubleshoot problems, and conduct updates and changes.
  • Nonstop assistance in your site renovation and promotion.
  • Nonstop overseeing and communication with you about your project.
  • We will keep you informed about every step during the project development, thereby helping you to understand the whole process related to your site marketing.
  • Perfect marketing and technical assessment.
  • Last of all, but not the least important - our desire to work with you for the fulfilment of your objectives.


We wish luck to you and your business!

Sincerely yours - Veselin Andreev

(Veselin Andreev)

P.S. Choosing the proper web designers is vital to your success on the web. The web designers you choose should also be skilled at marketing, so that they can design your site with potential sales in mind.

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